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The Background:

In recent years, the dermal whitening market in the global beauty industry has shown constant growth; particularly in Asia. Anti aging, dermal whitening products that guarantee lighter, healthier and pigmentation-free skin have become very popular with Asian consumers, who view light skin as a core criterion in their definition of beauty. RBT and innovative company, Syneron Medical, have patented a new, enzymatic, bio-active, advanced dermal whitening treatment. Now, for the first time, this over-saturated, competitive market is introduced to a revolutionary, clinically proven, efficient and safe product, with no dangerous side effects.  

The Challenge:

Our mission here at Titan was to introduce a series of new, premium products, intended for sale at exclusive beauty salons, spas and wellness centers throughout Asia and the far-east. We were faced with the challenge of entering a market oversaturated with products by well-established, reputable cosmetics giants (Decleor, Shiseido and others), all of whom came equipped with large advertizing budgets and celebrity presenters, with an unfamiliar brand and a limited budget. Our solution was to capture the attention of the consumers and raise awareness of the brand using a unique message that separated our product from its competitors, while alleviating the consumers’ concerns about buying an expensive and allegedly unsafe product from a small, unknown company.


The Road:

The extensive qualitative studies we had conducted in target countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and others), wherein we researched the positions, perceptions, consumer habits and motivators, led us to the conclusion that we must develop an international branding strategy and position the firm as European, innovative, experienced and reliable. We developed a visual and verbal vocabulary to support our strategy and enfold the values of the brand: technologically innovative, effective, scientifically proven, safe and natural. We have chosen the slightly French sounding brand name Elure, and the slogan “Pure elegance. Pure beauty.”, which, together, create a sense of elegant quality. Our visual language relies on the classic symbol of the blossom, which is also suggestive of a royal crown. Our choice of color palette – purple hues on a pearl white backdrop – creates a highly visible, holistic look that sends the message of a unique, exclusive brand that stands in its own category and does not need to justify itself to its peers.


The Result:

Our brand was successfully launched at the CosmoProf Exhibition of 2009. In a celebratory press and PR conference publicized around Asia with the slogan “try it on the spot”, various target audiences (dermatologists, distributors, spa and wellness club owners, and end-clients) were given trial kits and witnessed demonstrations of how the product lightens melanin pigmentation “on the spot”. Supported by scientists, technology officials, physicians and celebrity spokesmen, the campaign has proven very effective, and was even nominated for the Best Advertizing Campaign Award for 2010 by Cosmetics & Toiletries international magazine. Since its launch, the brand’s sales turnover has shown unwavering growth.