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Express Your Mastery - The Syneron Dental Branding Process:

Syneron Dental launched a new brand for its laser dental tools with an analogy taken from the world of art. In order to create this strategy, Titan worked with Syneron Dental to research the field of dental laser brands. By combining this extensive research with an understanding of the unique value Syneron Dental brings to the market, Titan was able to build the brand strategy. Syneron Dental’s LiteTouch™ has a unique ergonomic design that enables dentists to have complete flexibility of movement within the oral cavity. LiteTouch™ is the only Er:YAG laser that allows dental practitioners full and free expression of their dental mastery and years of expertise.

The Syneron Dental Laser Brand:

Syneron Dental Laser develops and markets groundbreaking technological tools, enabling dental experts to be their best (and collect the rewards)

Competitive Positioning, Advantage, & Uniqueness

LITETOUCH allows free and complete expression of your dental expertise & mastery

Given the product’s unique features, the new slogan became:

Express your mastery

The slogan’s typography conveys the idea that it is the user who can make their own “stamp” on their work, which becomes their “masterpiece”. The use of fine art conveys prestige, and the use of three dramatic colors - black, white and silver - further distinguishes Syneron Dental from its colorful competitors and conveys a sense of sophisticated technology.

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The launch of the new brand concept, which was established with Titan’s creative approach, has made a significant contribution to the positive perception and acceptance of the company’s corporate image and its flagship product, the LiteTouch™, by dental practitioners across the globe. The brand concept, images, and slogan have helped to achieve a distinct and uniquely differentiated look and feel among the clutter within the marketplace, as well as gain brand equity with attraction, awareness, and advocacy by presenting the appropriate analogy and association, accentuating the remarkable advantages of LiteTouch™.

Claudia Yoel, Marketing Projects Manager, Syneron Dental