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oti (formerly On Track Innovations) has been a pioneer and leading developer of cutting-edge cashless payment solutions for over two decades. We’ve provided enterprises worldwide with innovative technology that creates new business models, grows revenues, streamlines processes, and creates measurable value for their end users.

After a change in ownership, the company was looking for a rebranding process to help convey the company’s new identity and focus. Moreover, the company had many product lines and solutions that were branded separately, creating confusion.  To achieve all that, the company first went through a branding strategy process, where the competitive advantages and unique traits of the company were identified.



The company decided to put the focus on cashless payment solutions. A brand positioning was created: For private and public organizations, OTI is the cashless payment technology vendor that enables them to bring the cashless payments revolution everywhere because cashless payments bring the digital revolution everywhere and only OTI provides superior cashless payments technology and outsmarting vertical solutions enabling disruptive results.

Brand Positioning:

Everybody speaks about specific solutions or products, OTI takes ownership of cashless payments technology and on the digital revolution it brings everywhere.  Three core values were identified and communicated forward – as a veteran company in the field we offer expertise that are second to none, while providing innovation as a recently established and therefore agile start-up company. 

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The launch:

The launch was done around a major tradeshow. oti arrived to the show with a new logo, new marketing collateral, new website and most importantly, new attitude. 

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Our goal was to two-fold: first, create one coherent and focused voice for the company so that all of our stakeholders have a clear understanding of the new direction that company has taken, and second, make it as different as possible from the old image we had. With Titan we achieved both.

Galit Mendelson, VP of Corporate Relations led the process for oti