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PlayScape (formerly known as Mominis) is a mobile game developer and distributor. The recent surge in the mobile gaming market and the company’s own impressive growth figures have led its management to the decision to undertake a comprehensive rebranding process that covered multiple areas of the company’s image, and included the formulation of a new strategy, the selection of a new name, the creation of a new logo, and a new verbal and visual vocabulary.

Devising a strategy

The brand targets two distinct audiences: the individual users who play for the fun of it, and the mobile game developers who use the company’s development and distribution platform. Despite the fundamental differences between these two groups, we found that they share a common element: an infinite experience. For the player – an infinite number of addictive games, and for the developers – a development experience and download figures that would knock them off their seats. This was the birth of Endless Gaming, a term that suggests agility, creativity, fun, partnership and innovation.

Changing the name

As part of the new strategy, we decided to change the company name. The old name, Mominis, no longer reflected the values of the brand, and had not proven itself memorable enough. After in-depth discussions and extensive opinion polls, we decided on the name PlayScape, which had previously been used to refer only to the development platform, and will, from now on, be the name of the company as a whole. Together, the two words that make up the name - Play and Scape (a derivative of Landscape) – form a spot-on description of the playground experience we were aiming for and speak the language of both target audiences.

Formulating the PlayScape brand language

We created a unique, colorful and eye-catching illustration featuring the leading characters of the company’s games. For the developer audience, we added another, more business-oriented level: a clean, black layer with the company logo and tagline. The combination of the colorful, energetic illustration, the sleek black, and the hi-tech styled typography creates a balanced tone and positions the company as solid and serious but at the same time fun, young and upbeat.

Creating the new logo

The new PlayScape logo is inspired by the universally recognizable “Play” icon. However, we deliberately left the shape open, in order to communicate the concept of infinity. We added a second triangle, which signifies the company’s two target audiences. We then expanded the new logo into an entire language of icons and integrated it into PlayScape’s various media interfaces (the company website, the buttons in its games and more).

Creating a slogan

The slogan we decided on is “Every Play Counts”, and it enfolds several meanings: for the end-user, each play is a powerful, meaningful experience; whereas for the developers, the slogan holds an implicit reference to the download count, reminding them that each download counts towards the success of their business.

Creating a comprehensive branding experience

The new strategy and brand language were implemented using the full range of marketing tools. In the online front – in social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter), on Google Play, Amazon, in the user interfaces of the games themselves and in corporate videos. In the more traditional, offline front, the new branding was introduced using brochures, product sheets, exhibition pavilions around the world, the new look of the company offices, and more.

The PlayScape Plus launch at Amazon [Times Square, New York]

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