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PrimesSense: Natural Interaction Branding

PrimeSense is best known for its technology, which allows to perceive the world in 3D, learn and understand it based on sight. The company’s devices can see, track and react to the user’s movements outside the computer, without the need for special, wearable equipment.

One of PrimeSense’s goals is revolutionizing the way people use digital devices. The company, however, is not all about throwing away the remote control and being able to command digital devices with our hands, body or voice. Instead, it focuses on bringing life into livingrooms around the world with a completely immersive experience.

Throughout the branding process, PrimeSense attempted to convey its main concept of Natural Interaction. The concept also consisted of the ideas of a unique user experience, dynamic movement and interaction. In order to achieve that, we've created 3-dimensional shapes which convey the sense element experience. Additionally, We chose to use the red color, which symbolizes passion, intensity and strength. The white and grey colors granted the whole project a neat and clean look, which suited the lifestyle element of the concept. The wave-like strokes were chosen in order to reflect the feel of movement and dynamism combined with a creative “consumer-like” photography concept.

Last but not least, we’ve created an info-graphical and iconic language which was invented through the marketing communication materials and through a special poster at the CES 2012. The poster was made in order to position PrimeSense as a leader in its area of operation and included a brief history of television and a sense technology evolution. The graphical language was further implemented online, through the company’s website and mini sites, and offline, through business cards, presentations, brochures, CES booth and more.

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