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SleepRate is an Internet based service that allows one to monitor and control their sleep activity using a commercially available heart rate monitor. The technology is based on 15+ years of medical studies and has been FDA/CE certified.

Competitive positioning, advantage and uniqueness, and their reflection in the website:

SleepRate conveys a simple and professional message to the consumer of the importance of sleep in our daily lives. This area has been virtually untapped with only one primary competitor. That is why it is important to SleepRate that its technology will stand out and provide a solid backbone for their service.

Through its website, SleepRate wants to educate its users on the importance of sleep management and its great significance on both mental and physical well-being. Furthermore, we want users to get to know our product better, especially how simple it is and user friendly to operate.

The company’s website was designed with user interface features taken into consideration in order to lead the user at the most intuitive fashion into our market goals.

Last but not least, SleepRate’s website conveys the amount of advantages and practicality of the heart rate monitoring method.

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SleepRate worked with TitanBrandWise to conceptualize the marketing strategy and visualize it through the website. TitanBrandWise provided the concepts that ranged from business conservative to a total out-of-the-box creative proposal. The scale by which the quality of TitanBrandWise’s creative language was judged by that of a global platform. After the web selection process, TitanBrandWise was able to capture SleepRates written words and transform them into a graphical message that consumers can understand instantly. SleepRate firmly believe that our new website will help launch their service and most importantly educate the public as to the importance of sleep.

Ayala Bak – Marketing Manager