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Syneron and Candela a case study of effective global branding in the MedTech Market

When Syneron and Candela joined forces to become the emerging global leader in the aesthetic medical device market, they needed a strategy to brand the new company and its two distinctive brands.

A new company tag line was created from the following equations: Syneron = Science | Candela = Trust

Science ensures Results and Results create Trust. The tag line became:

Science Results Trust

The company’s new branding language reflected the following:

- A Heritage of Science - Pioneering Spirit - exploration backed by proven Results - Luxury
- Trust: based on decades of experience - Sophistication - Beauty

The central element of the company’s new visual language is an orchid. Orchids have been enhanced by science and throughout the world they are synonymous with sophisticated beauty, love, luxury and strength. Additional elements of the visual language include scientific formulas, confident typography and artistic photographs of models and dancers, which were specially commissioned by Titan for Syneron and Candela. The distinctive colors of the Syneron and Candela logos defined the color scheme of cyan, violet, silver grey and black.

Syneron case pic1 Syneron case pic2

Syneron & Candela combine a level of innovation, expertise and customer understanding superior to that of any company in their industry. Financial stability, through their aligned resources, allows their new company to offer customers the broadest available product portfolio and an expansive global service organization and distribution network. Syneron & Candela has a global spread of over 25,000 systems in 90 countries, and with over 10 million treatments performed annually with its products.


Working with Titan BrandWise was an amazing experience all around. From the interaction with the staff to the exceptional artwork that they created, we couldn’t have been more happy with their service. They have always been extremely attentive to our needs and we are always incredibly pleased with the outcome. Merging two companies creates a wide range of marketing challenges. They helped us work effectively throughout the whole process and delivered exceptional results, which have been embraced from America to Europe and Asia. From the sales teams to top management, everyone has joined on board to promote our new brand. We feel confident and proud that our brand finally makes the strong, powerful statement that represents who we truly are as a company.

Marcom Manager, Debra Emanuel