Branding Hospitals the New Treatment on the Block

According to Delloitte and hospitals will be facing a new era of consolidation in the next decade. Only 50% of current hospitals are likely to survive this era. In such an era hospitals are considering how they should position themselves to survive this era. Should they merge with other hospital? Should they search for partners? Investors? Any other type of collaborations? Will new regulations play a role?

With such a volatile forecast, it is important to understand what is the brand value of your hospital and if the hospital has never had a branding strategy in place, this might as well be the time. Brand value refers to the unique added-values that are specific for your hospital and not others. It is important to understand exactly what your brand value is. Brand value will be different to each of the market segments the hospital is attending to: patients, parents of patients (in cases of children hospitals), investors, potential buyers or any other specific market segments.

Once you have analyzed what your brand values are, next step is to understand the differentiating points from all other players/hospitals in your area, city, country etc. and how do you bring them front and center. It could be by highlighting your fields of expertise, creating centers of excellence, integrating new technologies, defining new doctor-patient personal care and treatment etc.

What is your brand promise? What is it that single idea or message that you can own and stand behind 100%. That message that will be engraved in the minds of your market segment be it: patients, investors, doctors, partners etc.

Most hospitals, being a conservative market, tend to maintain their existing look and feel and remain within their familiar comfort zone of messaging. This however must be considered in the long run as the market is changing and so are patients who are becoming more and more consumer oriented (see our article on "Why medical Branding Has Never been this Important?").

The above steps are just the basics of a full branding process and transformation. At @TitanBrandWise we have had the pleasure of branding @ALYN Hospital and the @Rabin Medical Center and will be happy to answer any further questions you might have.

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