Internal Branding Points to Consider

The below questions are designed to help us create an internal brand that would engage employees, unite them around well-defined values and goals.

  1. What are the key messages to convey through internal branding?
  2. What is the mission of the internal branding?
  3. What are the values you would like to convey through the internal brand?
  4. What are the main challenges you face with your employees?
  5. What is your employee's engagement rate?
  6. What is the tone of voice you would like the internal branding to have?
  7. What would you like to motivate your employees for?
  8. What are the key words for your internal brand?
  9. How would you define your corporate culture?
  10. What is your employee's role in the organization?
  11. What is the employees’ knowledge about the brand values?
  12. How do the employees communicate the brand values within the company?
  13. How unified are the employees when working towards the same organizational goals?


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