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B2B2C Marketing and Social Media

Social media has changed the way we market and buy, this is no news. Not only did it change the way we market, it also positioned and empowered the consumer in such a way that “collective intelligence” and “hive minds” have become today’s new source of knowledge. Hive minds are described as: “a notional entity consisting of a large number of people who share their knowledge or opinions with one another, regarded as producing either uncritical conformity or collective intelligence”. With such collective consumer power, B2B marketing is no longer enough and often reaches its glass ceiling very fast, leaving companies with limited market outreach and in constantly “competing” with the “collective intelligence” of the people.

Staying Ahead of the Game - Not So Easy….

Did you ever go to your doctor, received a prescription and right after your appointment you immediately looked the prescription up on the internet? Then what? Asked if anyone heard about this medicine? Look up the side effects? Wondered what’s the alternative? Or better yet, did you research everything before going to the doctor and prepared a list of questions or even formed an opinion?

Yes, we’ve all done this from time to time, being informative, prepared, well researched and sometimes with recommendations provided by social friends, media and forums. All this prior to our doctor’s appointment or any other professional expert appointment. In the past, not long ago, these experts served as our sole source of information.

This is precisely what B2B companies are dealing with today. Since people often form an opinion and point-of-view, from social media and multiple sources of “collective intelligence”, manufacturer are no longer the sole source of information and are rapidly losing control over their market. As such a new there is a new marketing need. The need for B2B companies to start communicating directly with their end- customers in conjunction with regular B2B outlets.

Breaking the Market’s Outreach Glass Ceiling

To regain the control back over the end-customer, B2B companies no longer just need to market their solutions and products to their next distribution channel; whether doctors, medical sale reps, distributors, local representatives or any other distribution channels. For the first time, B2B companies need to interact directly with their end-customers and the consumer market in order to be part of the “collective intelligence” out there.

In order to break the marketing outreach glass ceiling, B2B companies need to interact in two paths correspondingly: B2B and B2C. This in turn will create a new marketing flow:

Does B2B2C Re-Define Branding?

Yes! Companies need to brand themselves on both levels and consider taking their B2B brand that is addressing the expert market and in parallel “translating” it to the consumer market. This in turn will create consumer B2B brand awareness and will ultimately generate interest from the consumer in the B2B product. As a result consumers will “feed” the distribution channels with informative feedback and questions and slowly but quite surely becoming new sales opportunities.

…….And this is what we do at TitanBrandWise. Let us help you shine through and maximize your brand for you.



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