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It is a well marketing fact that behind every consumption act or shopping experience stands an emotional motivation or incentive. Whether new boots, a new apartment or a two million dollar software; our emotions drive and our logic justifies. Naturally technology companies seek to focus on their products and added-values and this in spite of the high price of the product.

It is true that in the past technology companies preferred to invest in R&D rather than customer based branding; today more and more technology companies understand the importance of branding as a vital element of creating the connection and identification with the brand and all that is technology.

In the last few branding projects we conducted for several technology companies, we found that most of the companies adapted a mature approach towards branding and understanding that the best results will be based on understanding the customer’s wishes and needs and connecting them with the product’s values and strong points. That way the “talk” about the product “our processor is faster” will be far more effective if it will focus on the customer’s need and will turn into “You time will be spent much more efficiently”.

“When I purchase a technology based system, I focus on the results only”
Naturally, purchasing a sophisticated and pricey technological system, is similar to buying products that help define identities such as clothes and fashion. However in every purchasing process whether B2B or B2C, stand many people who are responsible for driving our decision making process which is mostly emotionally based.

Every technology provider or supplier the first thing that is being considered is the first impression, image and brand. This is despite the fact that the product itself is made of chips and fabric.

This is precisely how Apply has captured the market’s trust, the market that perceived Apple as an innovative that positions the user, their friends and comfort at the center. Cisco declares that the future is here and their customers are about to enjoy faster, more efficient and influential communications. IBM highlights the approach that everything starts with the customer and is committed to delivering a smarter shopping experience.

And what do these companies actually sell? bits, codes and hardware. These however are not mentioned anywhere it’s all about the customer.

Branding is not just a logo. Branding is commitment
5 out of the 10 leading global brands are technology based with Apple at number one, Microsoft second, IBM fourth, Google fifth and Intel eighth. These companies took smart branding steps (and we must admit costly too), all this along with determination, persistence and belief in their promise to the world. These companies have implemented holistic branding steps that are beyond a visual language, a set of values, a promise and commitment. These companies came to realize that most of their customers don’t fully comprehend the scope and abilities of the technology and products and that during purchasing hours the customer is mostly confused:

“Will the new printer outlast the old one?”

“Does the price of the new mobile phone worth the value?”

“Does this new cloud solution deliver the promise of a more efficient work environment?”

These companies understand human nature during shopping and purchasing and thus preferred to showcase products with “human traits” that speak to the customer in a clear and direct voice. As a result the company’s messages where easily accepted by the customers which translated directly to sales and revenues.



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