IPO Branding

According to a research conducted by Ernst & Young 59% of investors decision making process is NOT based on numbers! But rather on emotions, values and company's story. Therefore, it is crucial for a company that is considering IPO to start with their brand strategy as soon as possible. It is precisely this strategy that will position the company as a beacon above the saturated market. Branding strategy will develop the company's identity, story, the corporate culture, added-values, differentiation, it's vision and mission so that investors have a complete outlook on what it is they are investing.

IPOs "Quiet Period" & Branding

Furthermore, according to IPO rules and regulations, once a company has declared on their IPO and all the way to 30 days after the actual IPO, no data of any kind about the company is to be distributed or shared. This is known as the IPOs "quiet period", a time of silence for the company. And though no data or messages can be distributed during the "quiet period", regular marketing activities are allowed, this also includes strengthening the brand.

Do Companies Really Brand Quietly?

In 2015, the evening prior to Ferrari's IPO, Sergio Marchionne, Brand Director at Ferrari declared the company's plan to separate itself from its master brand Fiat Chrysler and that the new Ferrari is positioned for the elite and will do anything it can to make sure the company is well positioned as such including collaborations with high-end, luxury brands to seal the deal. Well needless to say the company's IPO soared.

Google too had launched a new product just before its' IPO in order to strengthen its new brand message as a leader in user experience. The IPO was a success.

When IPO & Branding Align

IPO process is costly and full of due diligence. CEOs are well prepared for that and are willing to pay the price. However, paying such hefty prices without maximizing your company's value with a great branding strategy can only go so far. It is when branding strategy and IPO align that greater success occurs.



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