Value, Moderation and Profit - Your Mobile Ad Campaign

With 90% of ads being viewed over mobile devices and hundreds of millions of ads already viewed, the mobile platform has become the leading tool for leveraging business for many leading brands. However research also shows that despite having most ads being viewed over mobile devices, this does not necessarily increased viewer’s response rate or engagement rate. So what is the missing ingredient then?

Reciprocity is the Face of All
The source for success in ads in general and in mobile devices in particular, is the ability to crack the precise core values of your targeted market. In order to define the exchange rate between the advertiser and the viewer, reciprocity must always be kept in mind. In other words in order to compensate the viewer for taking the time and giving the attention to a specific ad, we must deliver an added value that is worth the time spent or dedicated to viewing the ad.

Over the years consumers have growth expectations from their mobile devices: “ I expect that the information I consume over my mobile device will be reliable, interesting, contributing and will provide true added value in return for my attention”.

If the delivered content does meet the expectation, the viewer will be more open to receiving marketing content over the mobile device thus a long term trusty relationship is developed between the brand and the content receiver. This relationship greatly influences the consumer content receiving habits and future consumed products.

Effective Mobile Campaign- How Does it Work?
The greater the content saturation over the mobile, the greater the consumer power over the ads. Therefore consumers zealously guard over their available time which is between the following contents: music, news, social , games, data and more.

The Success of a Mobile Campaign Depends on the Following Elements:

The consumer’s choice of added values
Consumers like to know that at the end of the ad there is a “price”. They also like to choose their price in real time. Providing a large selection of available “prices” to choose from will create the sense that the advertiser “sees” the consumer and provides a free choice. Prices that are specially perceived as added value prices include: coupons, tailor made sales, credit or mileage points accumulation, gift cards and added value information.

Smart and Cautious Presence
Ads that are perceived as spam are those that present themselves in bad timing, visually and textually bombarding the consumer and addressing the consumer with information that is irrelevant for them. Effective mobile ad campaigns will present themselves with “natural time outs” and in accordance to the content worlds of the consumer while respecting their choice to view or disregard the ad.

Precise and Relevant Content
Precise — the most effective textual mobile ads are those that successfully managed to squeeze in greater added value in minimal number of words. With less than 3 minutes attention span, a short and precise sentence will create a greater connection with the consumer than a long and complex sentence will never do. QR codes are a good example of how you can conduce large amount of information into a single sign. Well as precise target matching such as “Are you a frequent flyer?….” are also very useful.

Relevance –Remarketing created great awareness of relevance for the consumer. We are targeting consumers that have already been exposed to the content of the ad in one way or another. Many consumers appreciate that fact that an advertiser seems to understand their content preference and interests and even expect brands to personally communicate and know them by sending precise data and information based on their preferences. Therefore market segmentation will generate ads with grater affectivity with longer resonance in the consumer’s mind.

Limited Time Offers
With many people measuring their happiness based on other people’s activities and lives, limited time offers generate greater resonance and response rate and are often perceived as a “great deal”, a deal that only a selected few managed to grab. These types of ads are usually targeted for audience that are on the move or within the vicinity of the brand’s store.

Respect Your Targeted Audience
Consumers have defined ads as “bothering”, “violent” and “harassing” when the ad is solemnly focused on aggressively getting the audience’s attention. In order to avoid being perceived as an aggressive advertiser it is suggested to refrain from unusual offers and worn out gimmicks.

Preparing the Technology Platform for the Campaign
Having the relevant technology to implement the mobile campaign is a must.



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