B2B2C – Polarized Marketing?

In my previous article about B2B2C marketing we have established that yes, that B2B2C does re-defined branding. Companies need to brand themselves on both levels and consider taking their B2B brand that is addressing the expert market and in parallel “translating” it to the consumer market. Now the question is what does it means to “translate” the brand to the consumer market. Believe it or not, the two markets are actually defined and characterized differently.

B2B Market Characteristics

B2B marketing and branding process needs to take into consideration the process within the corporates in order to market a product to that market. For instance every purchase or process within the B2B environment requires a ROI (return on investment) report. The reason for this is because most products, services and solutions that cater the B2B market or often more expensive, require more resources, understanding of the product and in-depth analysis of the available alternatives in the market. This process takes much longer and involves much more people in the decision making process. The B2B market is a logical market that seeks information about the product or service at hand. A process of convincing and installing confidence in the product as opposed to the alternatives in the market holds great weight.

B2C Market Characteristics

The B2C market, the consumer market takes a different approach all together. The consumer market is mostly based on emotions vs. logic. The term “Impulse Shopping” is often used in conjunction with the consumer market whether it’s the gadget market, cosmetics, beauty, fashion are all based on “Impulse Shopping” drives and peoples emotional state. In fact most brands are built to enhance certain emotions and feelings in order to boost the shopping experience. As such the consumer market also seeks convenience and accessibility from multiple channels: mobile, internet, Facebook, actual shops, and online shops. Each marketing channels requires specific care and handling. The attention span of the consumer here spans for seconds only and thus requires simple, easy direct messaging. Furthermore the messages here are to be focused on results and benefits and preferable on an instant basis rather than features.

Integrating B2C Marketing with B2B Marketing

Many B2B brands will have to consider integrating B2C marketing approach with their existing marketing plan. With such contradictory marketing approaches, today brand’s major challenge is to integrate such “polarized marketing” approaches into a single consistent brand. A brand that will be charismatic enough to attract both B2B prospects as well as be an identifiable brand by consumer market can identify with.

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