Does Technology Re-Define Branding?

Tablets, Mobiles and Gadgets

Marketing is transforming in rapid speed and needs to adjust into all times of gadgets and communications mediums from mobile phones, tablets, virtual reality and more. All gadgets are based on an interactive platform that has set new standards for marketing departments. What used to be an ultimate interactive experience has turned into basic standard of communications. So how do you top that off to create a new customer’s experience. How do we get out-of-the gadgets and back into experiencing a brand?

Engaging with the Public

All brands are looking to engage with their market, with the target audience. The below can shed new light on creating innovative forms of public engagement. This engenderment in turn can create and enhance a brand experience

As a branding professional, who works with cutting-edge technology companies, combining art, creativity and technology has always been intriguing for me. Today it seems almost inevitable not to consider utilizing technology to enhance a strong brand. This intricate relationship between a brand and technology made a great impact in this year’s Cannes Festival. Among the leading projects was “The Next Rembrandt” a campaign for a leading bank where a computer was taught to draw in Rembrandt’s style and created a 3D portrait of the master in his style:

In another exhibition “The Petting Zoo” at the Barbican Center in London (2013), suspended robotics arms that served as artificial intelligence sensors, responded to human engagement at the event. The greater the engagement with the public the greater the increase in the robot’s artificial intelligence.

Another form of engaging with the public can be seen in the next project where a robot climbs on skyscrapers in order to create art on the buildings, turning our urban environment into a real life art exhibition. This literally takes the intricate relationship between branding and technology to new heights.

Here are some further exhibits and projects that highlight the synergy between branding and technology:

Does Technology Re-Define Branding?

With the above exhibitions and collaboration between art and technology the question remains, does technology re-define art and can it re-define branding? The answer is yes. There is a transformation move to set a new level of inspiration and interaction with global brands. Technology has the ability to do that outside the realm of gadgets and create a true brand environment.



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