Agile Branding for Agile Times.
Sprint Branding and Why It's Important for Corporate Relevancy

Yes, a new kind of branding. Why? Well because in the past eight months we all have changed. COVID-19 has changed our behavior, our customer's habits and behavior and how we perceive things. For instance, time. Have you noticed how time feels weird since lockdown? Some days just tend to pass by in an instant while other days just never end.

This fluctuation state of mind resonates to other aspects of our lives and how we see things thus creating a great change in context.

As the context of things change, and time is now perceived differently, people have less patience for long processes. Therefore, if a regular branding process would take a few months to sometimes a full year, depending on the organization, such schedule in COVID-19 context would be a lifetime.

Sprint Branding- Agile Branding for Agile Times

With this in mind, at @titanBrandWise we have developed a sprint branding process providing an agile process that would enable companies to launch a brand that is within context and relevant to their customers. This also includes a visual language that would on the one hand differentiate the company yet enable adjustments and dynamicity according to the NOW.

What is an agile process? 1 months to 1.5 months with a time to market of 2-2.5 months. This short time frame enables us to communicate with our market with a head-on approach that is focused on what is relevant NOW.

Why Branding for the Presence and the NOW is Crucial?

Well because continuing to market with your corporate story without adapting it to 2020-2021 challenges and reality will definitely miss your targeted audience. So given the fact that time is of the essence, what are the main 5 challenges your customer's are dealing with in the last 8 months? How has their behavior changed? For instance, since lockdown, convenience is a key factor to almost everything we chose. If it's not convenient enough we'll probably won't bother with it. How convenient is your organization to your customers?

Long Branding Process Out. Fast Results are IN!

With an agile branding process, shorter time to market and a much more convenient brand, fast results are in! And they are in time. For what? For what is relevant now and for optimizing current state of events.

So let's think agility, short sprint branding for a short time to market within a short time frame and fast results, because hey the next adaptation is just around the corner.



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