The Top Technology Trends to Look Out for 2017

2017 The Year for a New Reality Check

1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
Reality Will be in the Eye of the Beholder

2016 have released the first set of VR headsets and cutting edge development took place. This year VR and AR will actually take next stage and be implemented and will pop up everywhere this year. This year AV will be brought to us over the mobile without the need for any additional hardware devices. AR headsets will be designed to integrate into our mobile devices and deliver VR experience on the go. Microsoft’s mixed reality platform, Amazon’s Go Technology and companies such as RealView will get their breakthrough this year.

2. Machine Learning

Machine learning falls into the category of Artificial Intelligence and provides computers with the ability to learn about our personal preferences without actually being programed. This enables computer to change their patterns based on incoming data no matter how dynamic the data is. This is done automatically without having to constantly be reprogrammed. Facebook is using machine learning on its feed to customize content based on personal interests and preferences.

3. Human Augmented Technology

If 2017 is the year of augmented reality, it’s only naturally to take this phase a leap forward into Human Augmented Technology. This could be the year for human enhancement robotics. Helping people walk again, stand and more is just the tip of the iceberg. Taking medical robotics into new levels and opening new opportunities for both patients as well as doctors is the new robotic thing to do. With companies Such tailored healthcare developing cutting-edge prosthetics and companies such as humanextensions new medical device breakthroughs are on their way.

4. Precision Medicine
Wouldn’t You Want a Personally Prescribed Treatment? Now You Can.

Healthcare has always been perceived as a services delivered within a system, either governmental systems or private healthcare. Under such great systems we often get the same medical treatments based of the professional diagnosis we receive from our doctors. But what if there is another way? What if we get a medical treatment that is tailored to our body and unique self? This is precision medicine. A new form of healthcare based on algorithms, data and molecular precision tools. Such healthcare will change the dialogue we have with our doctors and the way we are treated. Instead of treating the symptoms, doctors will have to understand the mechanisms of our body treating the cause of the symptom on a wider level of understanding. Companies such as 4D HealthWare engagement software that makes personalized medicine possible through a connected data approach, Precision for Medicine and more will be making a breakthrough this year.

5. Chatbots
Conversations with Robots Will be Real

This year conducting full conversation will an application will be just as normal as talking on your mobile. Chatbots will be your “conversational agents” that will reside on central messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or customer services platform and will take over most of our interaction with corporates and brands. This will affect marketing, sales and customer support approach whether a B2B or B2C2B, will have to start considering Chatbots strategy. Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Meekan, and Google Now have paved the way for Chatbots technology to establish itself in almost every service oriented company.

6.IoT – Smart Home
IoT No longer on the Cloud or Devices But in Our Home

We’ve been hearing about the IoT for quite some time now. 2017 will bring the IoT to our everyday life and homes. 2017 is expected to bring the technological unity IoT lacked in 2016 thus enabling it to become available on a personal scale and from our mobile devices. Companies such as Google, Apple, Amazone and Altair Semiconductors will be involved and will make IoT accessible for all.

7. Driverless Cars
Is this the end of driving lessons?

This year will be a ground breaking year for driverless cars. Cars with technology that will be able to minimize human error and avoiding danger by avoiding any distractions we as drivers are constantly faced with. We are getting closer to mass production of driverless cars that enhance human safety and reliability on the road. This new invention and technology will dramatically change society by extending car sharing options which will decrease pollution and fuel consumption to name a few. Society will forever change.

8.The Rise of Synthetic Food
No More Calorie Counting

Yes from our home to how we eat, 2017 will change all that. Will the planet overpopulated and climate changes taking its toll, synthetic food will take center stage in our dietary routine. “Extreme Genetic Engineering” is the new technology that will make synthetic food a part of our daily diet. The technology is developing so rapidly that making a distinction between different types of genetically modified foods can be tricky. Rethinking of how the world will feed itself will start in 2017. Now that technology exists the only gap to bridge across is a psychological one. Meatless meat and guilt-free calories may be on their way. We will be hearing more about companies such as Modern Meadow and Memphis Meat, stay tune.



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