Three Main Challenges of Creating Medical Content & Branding

At TitanBrandWise one of our leading expertise is branding and content creation for medical and pharmaceutical related companies. Whether it's medical devices, technology, products, solutions or well-being platforms, getting the branding and content right and accurate along with all branding components such as visual language, tone of voice, massaging is a tough one. So we thought we'd share with you three of the toughest challenges we face when branding and creating content for this market:

  1. Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Effectiveness
    Our medical branding clients consist of medical researchers, Doctors, hospital management, medical experts that have years of knowledge with them. Each medical member carries at least 20 years of research, exploration, analysis and academic tittles in their specific field of expertise. In fact, their success lies on accuracy, facts, loads of data filled with terminology and jargon that is so intricate and complex, a truly a carefully researched masterpiece. There are two main content challenges here:

    1. How do we untangle this masterpiece into a user-friendly content that will appeal to both professionals as well as the general market be it patients, decision makers and sometimes even end-users?
    2. The effectiveness of simplicity is another gap that needs to be bridged over. Simplicity is often the complete opposite to the above masterpiece that is at hand. Bridging the gap of converting complex jargon and processes into a simple and highlighted effective message where the message is the focus rather than the research, is a process within itself.

  2. Maintaining an Authoritative Position
    Creating an effective yet simple content that maintains an authoritative position is a delicate balancing act. It is here where we merge our client's scientific research, experience and expertise to support the leading messages. Now how do we balance both aspects of branding messages with scientific facts and expertise and yet appeal to all our audiences? With every brand it's a different balancing game. This depends on who the target audience is, what is it that we're writing or branding? A technology? A cure? A solution?
  3. Integrating the Brand's Voice with the Content
    Now that we have managed to simplify the content in order to make it effective to our targeted audience and yet maintain an authoritative and trustworthy position, how do we integrate the brand's tone of voice and values without disturbing the balance we achieved thus far?

One of the ways to overcome the above challenges is first by awareness. Being aware of these challenges will immediately bring a constant check and balance approach that is designed to verify each step. Research. Yes, branding and content is research. Research your client, their clients, the market, the field of expertise, ask questions (which is an art form in itself), make sure you understand the sensitivities involved.



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