What is the Link Between Branding and User Interface (UX)?

We all know by now that branding is not just a logo, a PR or whatever we say about ourselves. Ultimately branding is about what our customers say about us. It is what we make them feel about our organization through our brand values, our look and feel, our differentiation points, positioning and more that creates a brand. All these combined together create a shared customer experience. This is even more so when it comes to consumer market. It is based on this experience that our customers chose us over and over again thus reinforcing brand loyalty.

We also know that Interacting and engaging with our customers is a vital part of our brand. For this reason alone, we have developed a marketing communications department that constantly develops and distributes our campaigns, our events, product launches, email blasts, newsletters etc. all with the purpose of keeping our brand alive. With mobile being a leading channel from which we receive information, whether you're a B2B, B2C, E-commerce or even medical related company, applications have become an integrated part of how we interact within the company and with our customers.

Now here comes the link. How people will interact with your brand via mobile or your E-commerce web or even your corporate website, will affect their user experience. This experience will immediately reflect on your brand. Here comes the UX factor that a lot of companies' overlook. The UX is basically responsible for how your application functions. This will directly affect your customers experience and how they will relate to your brand. Let's take a look at some really common platforms that literally separate the world into two. Ready? Yes! Android vs. Apple. It is precisely the UX factor that divides people, friends and families, basically the world into Android lovers or Apple lovers. One cannot defect from one side to the other. All this thanks to the UX factor that really generates a whole different experience.

Here's another one: Gmail vs. Outlook. Both will provide you with the same service. You will get your emails and communicate through them on both applications yet your experience will be different. Now that we understand how important user experience is and how it affects us as customers, we can appreciate how important the UX factor is in creating a consistent brand experience for our customers across all our platforms. It is this experience that completes our brand. It is this link that will leave our customers happy and satisfied every time they interact with our brand on any digital platform.



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